Sensory Research

Unlock the power and potential that effective Sensory Science can bring to your business.

Sensory analysis is the scientific discipline that utilizes the human senses for the purpose of evaluating consumer products

Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), Sensory Division

Sensory panels may be classified as either ‘Expert’ or ‘Consumer’ and at SRL, we choose the correct panel to answer your research question in the most effective way.

Understanding the sensory characteristics of products goes far beyond ‘bench top tasting’ by the NPD team. At SRL, we utilize a range of sensory methods to explore and quantify products’ sensory characteristics and to help you to maintain the high-quality product that your consumers expect. Ranging from Descriptive Sensory Profiling using trained panellists, to Difference Testing as well as everything in between  Using an appropriately qualified panel, we can set you up to succeed with your product development and production using the most appropriate and cost-effective sensory methods available.

You have more than one option when it comes to running any sensory programme.

Before deciding on the sensory method that you need to use (i.e., descriptive profiling or difference testing), you need to decide if you want to outsource or keep all testing in-house. At SRL we can assist you with either option.

  • Outsourcing panel work means that you send your products to us, and we either use a panel specifically recruited, trained and maintained for your exclusive use, or we use our SRL experienced panel as and when they are needed.
  • Keeping all testing in-house means recruiting, training and maintaining (running) the panel at your facility. Again, you have more than one option for this.
  • SRL can provide all panel recruitment, screening, training and management services so that you can keep your panel on-site without the requirement for additional permanent staff.
  • Alternatively, you may wish to carry out all operations yourself and only need assistance with particular elements of panel leader/panellists training and/or method development.


Remember, and most importantly, at SRL we recruit and train all sensory panels using appropriate ASTM and ISO standards, client specific requirements, as well as our own strict internal protocols. Our scrupulous attention to detail ensures the validity of your results.

Whether you are looking to check your quality or the shelf life of your product or you want to see how your products compare to your competitors’,  SRL’s sensory research services will guide you with the right choice of methodology.  See how our services are being used.

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