Sensory Research

sensory-research-img-1Whether you are looking to increase the shelf life of your product or you want to see how your products compare to the competitor SRL’s sensory research services will guide you with the right choice of methodology. Our company has extensive experience with the sensory evaluation of food, sensory profiling and sensory analysis of food and beverages.

Our Sensory services includes: Descriptive Tests, Discrimination Tests, Flash Evaluation, Temporal Profile, Shelf Life, Quality Control, Sensory Guidance.



Descriptive Tests

At SRL we consider our descriptive tests as a means to provide our clients with an X-ray of all the perceived characteristics of the product. All sample attributes are quantified and qualified using the most innovative and reliable sensory techniques.

SRL’s descriptive tests are designed to:

  • Measure all perceived attributes of new or existing products.
  • Benchmark specific product attributes against prototype variants or competitor products.
  • Investigate the impact of ingredient change on the final product.

Discrimination Tests

At SRL our sensory analysis provides our clients with a fingerprint of their products. Each sample is unique and hence its difference or similarity to other products is identified and quantified no matter how small or large.

SRL’s range of discrimination tests include triangle, duo-trio, paired comparison, difference from control and they are carefully selected to match each project.

Flash Evaluation

Flash Evaluation offers a quick snapshot of the major qualitative and quantitative characteristics of a set of products.

  • It utilizes a group of highly trained assessors that profile the samples in terms of key attributes.sensory-research-img-2
  • It is a cost-effective way to identify and quantify key product attributes.
  • It provides information regarding the relative sensory positioning of various products in the most time efficient manner.
  • It can help reduce the number of samples required for consumer studies, saving time and resources.



Temporal Profile

sensory-research-img-3If you are looking for a simple Time Intensity study or a more complex Temporal evaluation of your product then SRL have the right palette of methodologies to suit your needs. Our temporal profile methodologies have helped our clients with:

  • Assessing the temporal properties of key product properties such as the sweet or bitter taste of compounds.
  • Investigate how the product is perceived at different time points.
  • Identify what sensations are dominating and whether this change or not during the consumption of the product.
  • Develop products with complex profile that capture consumers satisfaction.


Shelf Life

sensory-research-img-4Although analytic and microbiological tests are essential tools for determining shelf life, these tests cannot determine the human’s response to product characteristics that change over time.

The shelf-life of many products is limited by its sensory properties: long before a product is unsafe to eat, it is no longer appealing enough to be sold. SRL focuses on the analysis of the critical control factors for sensory shelf-life, and our expert panels can help you identify the critical issues and determine optimum packaging, distribution and storage conditions to maximize shelf life.

Quality Control

Quality is about producing the same product 24/7 with the correct appearance, aroma, taste, flavor, texture and aftertaste.

SRL have earned a Global reputation of in the area of Quality Control (QC), where we have been responsible for setting up and managing QC programs both on/off site throughout the world.

Our clients have been benefited by:

  • Protecting the quality of the products.
  • Setting up internal sensory QC programs, screening, training and ongoing management of the panel/s.
  • Developing and implementing personalized production issue resolution guide.
  • Maintaining global quality by implementing universal QC programs for sites around the world.

Sensory Guidance

At SRL we can help you design and set up your own in-house sensory panel. Our extensive training courses cover all aspects of recruiting, training and operating a sensory panel. In addition we offer consultancy and guidance to assist you with your new panel.

If you already have a sensory panel, with our guidance program we can review your operation routine and recommend ways to improve and make the most out of your sensory program.