Reformulation – SRL leads the way in sugar reduction

ReformulationAt SRL we recognise that sugar reduction is not just a matter of reformulating a product with less sugar and expecting your customers to automatically ‘like’ the ‘new and improved’ version, as regular consumers of your product will be very familiar with its taste experience. We know that 40% of products reformulated in the market fail primarily due to poor matching to the original product profile.

So, when a change of formulation is required, you need to know HOW that reformulation may impact on the taste profile and consumer acceptance of your product, as this could have detrimental effect on purchase behaviour.

At SRL we have many years’ experience working with clients in the areas of reformulation, particularly as it relates to SUGAR reduction.

Our unique blend of sensory and consumer research will make sure that you have the right information for the continued success of your business.

  • Sensory research using SRLs expert natural sugar panel to profile your product. How any reformulation of your product will impact its sensory profile can be determined using our panel of highly trained and skilled descriptive assessors.  We can use one of a number of methods available to us to qualify and quantify the main sensory characteristics of your products, show how the reformulated products differ from the original and how to match the original profile.
  • Consumer research methodologies will measure the extent that any change in sensory profile may influence the purchase behaviour and product liking of your consumers, giving you a clear understanding of consumers’ wants and expectations.

We will help you as you reformulate your product to:

  • Sugar reduction with no impact on consumer acceptance.
  • Replace sugar with natural ingredients.
  • Be confident of the success of your reformulated product.


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