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SRL (Sensory Research Ltd), is a globally recognized sensory and consumer research company based in University College Cork, Ireland. We specialize in product understanding through the application of sensory and consumer research, providing industry, academia and governments with business and technical solutions for confident decision-making. We provide a unique tailor-made service to match each clients’ requirements. The services we offer can broadly be categorized into product understanding, quality and education.

Product understanding: SRLs’ sensory testing business specializes in product understanding, through the application of sensory and consumer research, integrated with emotional engineering, to provide industry, academia, and governments with business and technical solutions for confident decision-making for FMCG.

Quality: At SRL, we focus on three key areas.

  • Quantitative measurements of the sensory quality of products (including on-site QA/QC sensory measurements and sensory benchmarking against competitors). We are highly experienced in FMCG and have particular expertise in beverage, meat and dairy.
  • Monitoring and measuring the performance and proficiency of sensory panels, including demonstrating that results from one sensory panel are consistent with the results of other sensory panels (at single or multiple sites).
  • ISO and QA/QC Internal Sensory Audits. At SRL we can assist your sensory laboratory in gaining their ISO 9001:2015 certification or setting up a bespoke management system tailored to your needs. We also provide independent auditing of sensory laboratories across the world.

Education: At SRLs’ Sensory Training Academy, we develop and deliver customised sensory & consumer science courses for your training needs across all areas of the business, from quality and R & D sensory panel training, to train-the trainer panel leader courses to professional development workshops, our bespoke courses allow you to choose the appropriate content, time and delivery method that best suits your business needs.

Our team of qualified and experienced sensory scientists and consumer research professionals have many years of industry and academic experience helping our clients in an approachable, scientific, confidential and ethical manner.

Depending on your needs (quality, R & D & sensory science for pharmaceutical development) we also advise-on and provide panel recruitment, training and management services (on/offsite).

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