Sensory Claim Substantiation

What is Sensory Claim Substantiation?

A claim about a product is defined as any communication about a product that consumers are likely to interpret as fact.  A sensory claim is any communication about a product that relates to its sensory characteristics and/or to how much people like the product or particular sensory characteristic(s) of the product.  A professional sensory claim is a very powerful tool to highlight the unique selling point of your product and hence separate your product from the competitor.

At SRL we design and carry out studies providing data to our clients that substantiate their sensory claims for use either on-pack, in advertising or on a variety of promotional material.  A fundamental step in this process is creating the explicit statement of the claim prior to actual testing.  We then design and implement the appropriate sensory tests to validate that statement of claim.  There are multiple ways to support sensory claims, depending on the characteristics of the claim.  Two approaches are, consumer based and trained panel based evaluations.

Consumer based evaluations are centred on asking naïve consumers, who are usually regular users of the type of product being tested, ‘hedonic’ type questions such as;

  • “Which of the following products do you prefer?” or
  • Using the scale provided “Please tell us how much you like the following product”
  • Consumers may also be asked questions relating to how much they like differences in the levels of sensory characteristics or the performance of products.

Trained panel based evaluations provide data showing differences in the actual levels of specific attributes of products.

In some cases, both types of testing (consumer and trained panel) can be used together to support the same claim.

SRL know that the information we provide to our client may have an effect on global decisions, and ultimately have a major impact on a companys financial performance.  Therefore, we will only provide you with reliable scientific evidence from which you can make sound business decisions to substantiate your sensory claim.



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