Bespoke Courses

We are leaders in developing and delivering customised sensory & consumer science courses. We have over 25 years’ experience delivering training to food and non-food professionals globally. We work with you to suit your specific needs.

  • Train the Trainer
  • Rapid Sensory Methods
  • Sensory Evaluation of Personal Care Products
  • Sensory Evaluation of Packaging
  • Sensory Evaluation of Excipients
  • Discrimination Testing
  • Claims Substantiation and Sensory Methods
  • The Evaluation of Dairy Products (Sensory & Consumer Insights)
  • The Evaluation of Beef (Sensory & Consumer Insights)
  • Sensory Science for the Non-Food Scientist
  • Measuring the Sensory Characteristics and Consumer Acceptance of Medicinal products: Methodology and Applications from the Food & Beverage Sector


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