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pharma researchSensory & Consumer Services for the Pharmaceutical Sector


Improving Drug Palatability and Enhancing Patient Acceptability and Compliance Using Sensory Science



SRL is an ISO9001 accredited company who has earned a global reputation for its experience and success in the area of pharma research. We have partnered with several pharmaceutical companies, their contract research organizations (CROs) and academic institutions in the areas of taste masking and new flavour research/optimization in order to help to improve drug palatability and ultimately leading to enhanced patient acceptability and compliance.

With the growing importance of over-the-counter and generics in the modern pharmaceutical sectors, it has never been as crucial as it is now to undertake sensory and consumer research to provide your company with that competitive advantage.  Companies in the areas of biotechnology, healthcare, cosmetics and nutraceuticals have benefited from our expertise. We have helped to optimize formulations and create palatable products that are accepted by the consumer using a range of tailor-made sensory and consumer methodologies.

SRL will help:

  • Identify the key sensory attributes contributing to palatability and ultimately patient compliance.
  • Determine target sensory profiles and compare to prototypes and their competing products.
  • Overcome taste masking challenges such as high bitterness, resulting in increased patient-acceptable pharmaceuticals.
  • We also work with drug developers to assess the suitability of novel dosage forms for specific drug substances.
  • Bespoke training to suit your business need.

Our testing facilities are designed according to ISO standards and all our studies, as well as being approved by an Independent Ethics Committee are performed to Good Clinical Practice (GCP).
We collaborate with the department of Pharmacy and the HRB Clinical Research Facility  in University College Cork, Ireland.

Previous studies include:

  • Development of patents for taste masking technologies.
  • Taste Diagnostics.
  • Product optimization using various descriptive sensory profiling techniques.
  • Consumer preference and acceptability.
  • Designing products for specific groups such as children and elderly.