Other Services

SRL offers a broad range of customized services tailored to meet clients’ sensory, consumer, emotional and pharma research requirements.  In addition, we offer the following services to complement our core offering:


At SRL, our statistician who has over 20 years experience in sensory and consumer research, provides all SRL projects with the high level of statistical support demanded from our clients.  With our experience, we can provide the following statistical services to you:

Outsourcing in-house projects.

  • We can provide statistical services to your company as an extension of your own team.  You don’t need to have a statistician on staff, as we can provide the necessary support as and when required.

Providing statistical training.

  • Professional growth and life-long learning is vital for the success of any company.
  • We can help your staff to develop the skills necessary to analyse their data in a timely and accurate manner.
  • We have a range of courses available to suit your needs including public and bespoke.
  • We are available to provide these courses in a variety of ways to suit your schedule and budget, including on-line/via video conference/in person.


Analytical Testing 

At SRL we aim to provide the turn-key solution to your sensory quality needs.  Our clients can avail of our in-house analytical services, such as Brix, pH, turbidity, colour etc., to complement sensory quality testing of products.   In addition and as required, we can arrange for chemical, microbial, and nutritional analysis to be carried out in accredited laboratories.



Proficiency testing in sensory analysis is an important step towards demonstrating that results from one sensory panel are consistent with the results of other sensory panels.  At SRL we can provide the necessary expertise to check the proficiency of your sensory panels (on single or multiple sites).


ISO and QA/QC Internal Sensory Audits

At SRL we can assist your sensory laboratory in gaining their ISO 9001 certification.  Since 2013, when we were one of the first in our industry to gain this certification,  we have implemented this valuable quality management system in sensory laboratories globally.  As part of this service, we also provide independent auditing of sensory laboratories across the world.


Product Procurement

Supporting our clients both nationally and globally, SRLs’ product procurement service will make sure that you get the products you need, when you need them and to where they need to go.