SRL Sensory Training Academy 2018

Sensory Training update: Please contact us directly for details Course name Introduction to Sensory Science Sensory Analysis in Quality Control Focus Group Moderation for Qualitative Research Descriptive Panel Leadership (introductory level) Descriptive Panel Leadership (advanced level) Sensory Training for the Brewing Industry Bespoke/in-house training courses

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The Sunday Business Post profiles SRL

  Margaret Shine will be one of the 24 entrepreneurs taking part in this years ‘Entrepreneur Experience’, an annual event, which this year will take place on April 15 and 16.  The event gives emerging and seasoned company founders an opportunity to interact and to learn from each other. For more information please read – Sunday Business Post

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SRL Pharma announced

  Leading the way in providing the turn-key solution to meet the sensory evaluation research needs of the pharmaceutical industry, SRL Pharma, located in UCCs state of the art Innovation and Incubation centre ‘gateway’, has partnered with UCCs School of Pharmacy and the HRB Clinical Research Facility at the Mercy hospital Cork (HRB CRF-C), combining […]

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Sensory Claim Substantiation

What is Sensory Claim Substantiation? A claim about a product is defined as any communication about a product that consumers are likely to interpret as fact.  A sensory claim is any communication about a product that relates to its sensory characteristics and/or to how much people like the product or particular sensory characteristic(s) of the […]

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ISO 9001 Certification Awarded to SRL Research

  Sensory Research Ltd. was certified by Certification Europe to the international standard ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems on 18th of September 2013. ISO 9001 is the world’s leading Quality Management System and is used in many organisations and businesses all over the world. Certification Europe is the leading ISO Accredited certification body in Ireland and Europe. […]

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